Deloitte sets up Asian network

Deloitte member firms in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the
Philippines, and Guam have joined forces to form Deloitte ASEAN, a new
initiative that forms part of the firm’s plans to double its size in Asia within
the next five years.

Deloitte ASEAN will comprise more than 150 partners and about 3,500 staff in
more than 15 office locations.

William G. Parrett, Deloitte CEO, said the Asia Pacific was ‘the No. 1
strategic market for Deloitte’ adding that Deloitte ASEAN came on top of other
significant investments in the region, ‘including $150m (£81m) in China and $50m
(£27m) in India’.

Manoj Singh, CEO Deloitte Asia Pacific, said Deloitte ASEAN would be the
second-largest practice in Asia Pacific in terms of headcount and in the top 20
of the Deloitte organisation worldwide.

‘Given the combined strengths of the region and the synergies offered through
this combination, I expect Deloitte ASEAN to grow much faster than the market
over the next five years,’ Singh said.

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