Lib Dem MP warns that NHS is ‘insolvent’

The government faces a Commons demand for ‘an urgent and public review of the
financial status of the NHS’ amidst reports of an increasing number of NHS
trusts facing large deficits.

Birmingham Yardley Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming has put down a motion
which ‘notes persistent statements from health service managers implying both
that 25% of NHS bodies are insolvent and that the NHS in aggregate is

It blames the position on ‘simplistic and ideologically-driven meddling in
the operation of the health service’.

Hemming said payment by results was posing particular problems for primary
care trusts and warned: ‘the more time that is taken to resolve this the harder
it will be to do so’. He urged the government to move swiftly.

He has also put down a formal question in the Commons following a conference
on ‘pluralism in the NHS’ in London last week at which a chief executive from a
Midlands NHS foundation trust warned that if commercial rules applied, a quarter
of NHS trusts would be ‘bust’.

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