Struggling football club seeks ‘financial conscience’

CIMA-qualified Giles Brearley has joined the board of financially-struggling
Rotherham United Football Club, and will operate as its ‘financial conscience’.

Brearley, who is a senior partner of Swinton-based Brearley & Co, will
focus on the club’s business function; with the club dealing with a ten-point
penalty at the start of the 2006-2007 season after entering into a company
voluntary arrangement.

‘While I enjoy watching football, my role is that of the level-headed
financial conscience of the board of directors. The business operation of the
club is paramount to its success,’ said Brearley.

‘The winning concoction has to be a mix of input of the players on the field,
the support of the fans and the passion of the board. I cannot let them forget
that at times, keen financial management has to come first.’

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