Technology/Web Reviews – Log on to a brand new image.

In the brave new dotcom world accountants have raced to put a ‘e’ in front of everything they do to prove they are in touch with today’s economy. So the image had to change.

If you want advice on how to rebrand yourself, physically and mentally, one place you can look is on the internet.

The concept of dressing down is now firmly established at UK plc, having followed the lead of US Inc, but unfortunately one uniform has been replaced with another, particularly for men.

So can the internet help with smart but original clothes?

As always, the surfing shopper has to find somewhere to start.

Search engines all have their own favourites, but the London guide Time Out’s shopping channel,, offers some pretty good suggestions, including a number of mainstream stores and specialist online retailers, many of which are fun to look over.

For a different image, it’s worth looking at and, both of which have excellent website designs. Unfortunately, it is not possible to shop online with Paul Smith yet. is more mainstream, but it is necessary to register for an account before shopping online.

Surprisingly, Gap’s website only allowed online shopping in the US – surely the leader in dotcom casual should provide an online service over here.

For a more traditional look, Charles Tywhritt’s www.ctshirts. has some sensible casual clothes on a well-designed, easy to use site.

Women may be tempted with some of the goodies available on, which has a user-friendly online ordering service but a limited selection.

So it is possible to change the look, but does the web help with the attitude?

Short of wading through the thousands of American self-help and image sites, the best bet is to look at some of the recruitment sites for tips on image improvement., which carries Accountancy Age’s job vacancies, offers a range of articles on presentation and interview techniques.

The site is packed with hints and tips on furthering your career and helping you in the work place. You never know, with your new found image you might find a new job.

Accountants and their image: revolution in progress, Networking, page 16. OUR TOP FASHION SITES Good starting point for the fashion shopper, and not just for Londoners. Good links to designer, mid-range and high street retailers. **** Award-winning site showcasing the designer’s latest fashions. Only drawback is there is no online ordering facility. **** Fantastic, fun site, pushing its dress-down collection hard. ‘Ted’s the business’ it says and it looks it. Good for both boys and girls. ***** Shirt maker Charles Tyrwhitt goes for the Friday look with easy-to-use online service. Keeping up with the times. ***.

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