Revenue’s online filing ‘a success’

The Revenue’s online filing service has been a success, according to new

Nine-out of 10 respondents to Moneysoft’s survey of 1,000 employers and
payroll bureaux said the HM Revenue & Customs’s online filing service was
far quicker and easier to use than filing by post.

Some 78% of respondents stated that 2004-05 was the first year they had
attempted to file PAYE returns online and, of those, 72% said the £250 tax
credit incentive from HMRC was the ‘main reason’ they tried it.

More than half (61%) successfully filed their end of year returns online in
less than five minutes.

‘With Revenue system crashes and reported poor communication, we were 
anticipating a bleaker picture,’ said Moneysoft MD George McHamish.

‘It seems that despite a few teething troubles, overall, the system has
worked successfully. On this basis, we can expect to see a significant increase
in companies filing online next year.’

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