Massive increase in green reporting

Link: Auditors left in the dark as OFR is welcomed

One hundred and thirty-two of the FTSE 250 issued reports covering the environment, while 100 reported on social and ethical issues, a study by charity group Shelter revealed.

Among the FTSE 100, the results were even better with 84 companies issuing green reports, 11 for the first time this year.

Five years ago, just 30 companies in the FTSE 250 issued such reports, and only six 10 years ago.

In July the Department of Trade and Industry’s working group released a consultation document, setting out the broad principles which directors should follow in deciding what information is ‘material’ and should be included in the operational and financial review, which covers the reporting of non-financial data.

Consultation on this document closes in September, with the working group due to publish a final report in December.

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