Capello faces tax evasion probe in Italy

Fabio Capello is facing an investigation from the Turin attorney’s office
into his financial affairs.

The probe relates to alleged tax evasion by the England football manager, who
is under investigation for diverting income from sponsorship deals into
off-shore bank accounts.

In a statement Capello said: ‘I have assured the FA today that my finances
are in order. And I am not aware of any matters which would be of concern.’

The Daily Mail reports that Capello heads an organisation known as
the Capello Family Trust. The trust is based in Guernsey and controls companies
with investments and properties in Luxembourg, Switzerland, Ireland, Spain,
France and Italy.

Capello used plea bargaining to escape punishment in an earlier case led by
the attorney’s office in Como, northern Italy.

The case found that Capello had created a fictitious property in the
Switzerland in order to receive tax benefits.

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