Shake-up of DTI on the cards

New trade and industry secretary Patricia Hewitt said she was launching the review to ensure the department delivered services which met the department’s ‘Enterprise Agenda’.

In a message to DTI staff, she set out the key elements necessary to deliver this.

These include strengthening the science base, improving links between business and technological advances, and modernising the UK’s business infrastructure.

She also said the department should promote and champion the enterprise economy and create a regulatory framework which removed unnecessary barriers to enterprise.

Other issues include safeguarding employees and consumers, and delivering business support more effectively.

It is understood that up to four business representatives will join the review team, which will also include ministers and civil servants. It will also make use of consultants.

Hewitt said: ‘Just as the business world is changing fast to meet huge challenges, so the DTI must change and adapt in order to realise our mission to help UK firms get to the future first.’


Patricia Hewitt takes the helm as DTI comes to the rescue of fashion

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