Andrews slams ‘false’ Enron report

Andrews hit out at the report, by the special investigative committee of the Enron board of directors, labelling it as ‘an attempt to insulate the company’s leadership and the board of directors from criticism by shifting blame to others.’

He added the report overlooked the fundamental problem – the fact that poor business decisions on the part of Enron executives and its Board ultimately brought the company down.

He said: ‘While we are disappointed with the report’s contents, we are not surprised. This report fits Enron’s established pattern of the last several months of attempting to shift blame to others.’

The internally commissioned investigation into the causes of Enron’s collapse placed the blame at the the feet of greedy company executives and its auditors Andersen.

The 218-page report filed over the weekend with a federal bankruptcy court in New York claimed Andersen had not done its job properly.

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