Siemens wins DWP accounting contract

Siemens Business Services has been awarded a £59m contract to develop a
payment and accounting system for the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

The contract, set to run until 2010, will see Siemens provide a Central
Payment System (CPS) to modernise the way DWP makes, manages and accounts for
the £111bn of benefits, pension and allowances paid annually to 17 million

Siemens will work with DWP on the development and delivery of CPS and provide
support for the system, which will use Oracle’s E-business Suite.

CPS will integrate with existing DWP systems and processes and provide
improved customer service through faster, more accurate payments and greater
accounting controls.

Tony Lock, European research director at analyst Sageza Group, says the
success of the contract will depend on how well it is managed by Siemens and

‘Good change management will need to be in place so the definitions are right
and there is no scope creep. This will ensure only absolutely necessary changes
are incorporated,’ he said.

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