Istanbul hosts 17th World Congress of Accountants

As many as 5,000 senior members of the profession are set to descend on
Istanbul in optimistic mood to discuss the future of the profession next week,
in the first meeting of the so-called ‘accounting Olympics’ since the post-Enron

The World Congress of
officially kicks off on Monday. It is thought to be the
profession’s largest independent international gathering. The last conference
was held in Hong Kong in 2002.

This year the industry is expected to reflect on the rapid changes that
accountants have had to cope with since past scandals, and chart the path
forward for the future.

‘For us the conference is going to be about moving forward and looking at how
the profession deals with 21st-century issues,’ said a spokesman for the
ACCA, a diamond sponsor
for the event.

The slogan for the congress is ‘honesty and profitability go hand in hand’,
and will see delegates focus on the role accountants have to play in ensuring
capital market stability and creating value for business.

The congress runs from 13 to 16 November, and will hear heavyweight speakers,
such as IASB chairman Sir David Tweedie, PricewaterhouseCoopers chief executive
Sam DiPiazza, Mary Keegan, the managing director of government and financial
management at HM Treasury and Wang Jun, vice minister, Chinese ministry of

The UK’s accounting institutes will also be at the congress and will be
focusing on specific challenges facing the industry in the UK.

CIMA’s chief executive Charles Tilley will place narrative reporting at the
top of his agenda. The CIMA head will be involved in seminars on the business
reporting model and the value of narrative reporting. He will also chair a
corporate social responsibility workshop that will focus on the recent Stern
review and the economic impacts of climate change.

Keeping with the green theme, ACCA chief executive Allen Blewitt will chair a
workshop on environmental management accounting, while ICAS chief executive
Anton Colella will participate in a workshop on accounting skills development
across the planet.

The ICAEW’s Eric Anstee will speak on sustainability and financial
management, while his colleague Robert Hodgkinson will discuss business
reporting. The ICAEW’s head of business law, Felicity Banks, will speak on money

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