Employers ignore staff football pleas

Trade secretary Patricia Hewitt has said staff should be allowed to watch the match wherever possible, and allowed to make up time later.

But the CIPD has found that just 30% of organisations are providing on-site television, 16% are allowing internet access while just 15% of organisations are planning to allow employees time off to watch either all or some of the games.

The survey of 1,000 people management professionals also looked at the range of non-financial benefits offered by organisations. It reveals that paternity leave take-up has increased from 9% to 44% during the last three years.

CIPD assistant director general Duncan Brown said: ‘Our survey shows that government legislation on paternity leave has made an impact, though it should also be pointed out that the proportion of fathers taking up this benefit is still relatively low. However, there is limited flexibility over the World Cup, an approach which may backfire given that we already know a third of absence is not genuine.’

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