Golf – Moss wins Kent regional

Reigning Accountancy Age Masters champion Ralph Brindle has crashed out of this year’s tournament after narrowly failing to make the cut in the South-East regional final play-off at Kent’s Nizels Golf Club.

Brindle, who shot his way to a stableford score of 37, just missed qualification in a competition where standards were unusually high. Brindle’s performance over the front six holes was to cost him dear, as Phil Giles took the last slot in the competition, sponsored by corporate finance specialist NMB~Heller.

In a remarkably rare occurrence, a Nizel’s representative was forced to consult the official rule book as the two players were tied throughout the back nine.

The scores were decided by a countback to the front six holes, where a point-differential was found.

Eventual winner Nick Moss, of PricewaterhouseCoopers, scored a magnificent 42 to take first place.

Many players said the picturesque course was difficult, but tremendous fun. Four holes on the course, which is set on high ground overlooking woodland, have prominent water features that golfers must negotiate. The 10th proved particularly difficult, with several players dropping points.

 1st Overall               Nick Moss
 2nd Overall               Nigel Hewson
 3rd Overall               Doug Stoker
 Qualifiers                Jeremy Ward
                           James Slinn
                           Matthew Cock
                           Rudolph Bissolotti
                           Phil Giles
 Nearest pin               Stephen Hill
 Longest drive             Paul Wigham
                           Handicap             Points scored
 Dennis Preston            16                   34
 Stephen Hill              7                    35
 Chris Sowerby             13                   28
 Nick Moss                 15                   42
 Philip Davis              14                   36
 Doug Green                14                   36
 Phil Giles                13                   37
 Robert Stubbs             13                   34
 Martin Hughes             6                    27
 Nigel Hewson              13                   40
 Brian Moleshead           13                   36
 Austin Barrett            14                   33
 Michael Kenny             12                   34
 John Snell                15                   31
 Crispin Manners           15                   32
 Chris Gant                16                   23
 Ralph Brindle             2                    37
 Kevin Powell              14                   35
 Chris Allen               14                   22
 Matthew Cock              7                    38
 Paul Wigham               11                   32
 Barrie Dunning            9                    35
 Harinder Sethi            17                   33
 Michael Whyke             17                   Retired
 James Slinn               15                   38
 Rudolph Bissolotti        19                   37
 Mark Abrahams             21                   31
 Bryan Lawrie              8                    31
 Denis Maslin              16                   35
 Jeremy Ward               10                   38
 David Allen               19                   32
 Doug Stoker               11                   39

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