Senior E&Y consultant in Estonian prison

Tallinn Circuit Court has decided to deny an appeal by a senior
& Young
consultant accused of skimming funds from the firm, to be
released from prison while awaiting extradition to the US.

Marko Rudi, E&Y senior consultant, was arrested in the middle of
September on suspicion of skimming more than $1m from a government contract in
a scheme he had established aimed at boosting democracy in Iraq and put under
arrest for two months after a hearing at the Harju county court.

Rudi and a Latvian journalist were allegedly working together in Iraq in 2003
when they started the illicit scheme.

A government spokesman said the court was awaiting an application to
extradite Rudi to the US, where federal prosecutors have been investigating him
in connection with the scam, but that the final decision on the extradition
would lie with the Latvian government.

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