E&Y launches online tax adviser

The facility is the first service of what the firm describes as an electronic ‘gateway’ through which clients can access the firm’s services.

A spokesman said: ‘Ernst & Young Online will be a route for clients to a wide variety of services, knowledge and accounting tools over the coming months.’

He described it as a ’21st century client connectivity tool’ – a platform that will enable the firm to talk to, and collaborate with, clients at a greatly enhanced level.

‘It will expedite the provision of certain information and advice more efficiently and quickly than telephone contact can, especially when it comes to soliciting highly technical services or accessing value-added knowledge bases,’ he added.

Starting this April, the gateway, originally developed in the US, will begin its global roll-out in Sweden and Australia as well as the UK.

Douglas Fairbairn, Ernst & Young’s national head of tax, said: ‘The online tax adviser has been designed, principally, for clients’ in-house tax specialists. Over the net, they will be able to receive answers to tax questions from Ernst & Young’s top technical experts.’

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