Blair urged to take charge of euro decision

Link: Hewitt backs Euro to boost business

Lord Radice, chairman of the Lord’s European sub-committee and a board member of lobbying group, Britain in Europe, called on Blair to form a strategy group made up of cabinet ministers to rule on the issue, rather than leave the decision to the chancellor and the Treasury alone.

In a pamphlet submitted to the Foreign Policy Centre, the independent economic think-tank, Lord Radice said the group should include Gordon Brown, Patricia Hewitt, Jack Straw, John Prescott, Andrew Smith, Robin Cook and Lord Irvine and be chaired by the PM.

In response 10 Downing Street said it was happy with the current process in place.

Concern among pro-euro groups has been growing that the chancellor will rule against joining the single currency because his five economic tests have not yet been met.

Lord Radice was reported in the FT as saying a delay in joining the euro ‘is not a cost-free option’.

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