Software rival nabs TaxCalc

Link: Intuit drops TaxCalc

Assured Solutions Providers, the makers of personal and professional tax software TaxChecker, has purchased TaxCalc.

However, in an unusual move, ASP will develop an entirely new product that combines the best of its own software, while attempting to recreate TaxCalc’s current functionality.

Tracy Ebdon-Poole, chief executive of ASP, admitted that Intuit would still hold the rights of TaxCalc’s code. But ASP’s new version of TaxCalc would be familiar to current TaxCalc users.

‘It will combine the best of both TaxCalc and TaxChecker,’ said Ebdon-Poole. The new version of TaxCalc should be ready for the next tax year, Ebdon-Poole told Accountancy Age.

ASP will receive assistance from former TaxCalc owner Intuit to ensure customers can transfer tax information onto ASP’s tax product.

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