Double-digit growth for public sector’s best paid execs

The top public sector executives, including finance directors, saw double
digit growth in their pay over the last year, at a time when the government is
reining in civil service wages.

A survey by the Taxpayers Alliance found that the 300 best-paid public sector
executives saw remuneration – including bonuses – rise by 12.8% over the last
year, their average remuneration totalling £237,564.

‘At a time when the Government is rightly aiming to restrain public sector
pay increases to 2%, these top officials shouldn’t be hiking their pay by six
times as much,’ said Taxpayers’ Alliance chief executive Matthew Elliot.

Network Rail, treated as a government-run organisation in the research, had
the highest-paid public sector FD. Group FD Ron Henderson, in at number 14, was
paid £578,000, a fall of 15.4% from £683,000 a year earlier.

Other top-paid FDs included those from the Royal Mail, BNFL, Olympic Delivery
Authority, and the BBC.

The Department for Work and Pensions, which has had its audit qualified for
18 years in a row, saw finance director general John Codling’s remuneration leap
by 30% to £202,000, taking him above HM Revenue & Custom’s chairman Paul
Gray, who received £198,000.

Gray was not HMRC’s highest-paid executive. That honour went to former CIO
and now COO Steve Lamey, who received £240,900 and came in 71st place.

HMRC director of communications, Chris Hopson, was paid £155,000. Director
general Dave Hartnett was paid £150,000.

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