Year ahead Q&A: Carl Reader, Dennis & Turnbull

What will define your firm’s strategy in 2015, and how will this be implemented?

We’re firmly looking for growth. We’ve achieved an impressive penetration of the franchise market so far, and already have the wheels in motion to increase this significantly next year. This involved a continuation of our international efforts in both Europe and the US, and further iterations of our marketing campaigns so that franchisors truly understand the value that d&t can bring to the table


What service lines will be most critical to your firm’s growth during the next year and how will you capitalise on this?

Over the next year our core focus will be increasing volume of compliance, which is contradictory to what most firms aim for, however it is the “compulsory” need of our prospects at present. By building out our systems and technology, we are aiming to make it painless, and to truly add value to the end customer – making it a product that they want to buy, not one that they are forced to.


What challenges will the wider accountancy profession face over the coming year?

In truth, most practitioners will suffer from their own lethargy. The rate of change in technology, and customer expectations from both a product and service perspective, is increasing exponentially year on year, and firms will suffer if they don’t adapt quickly enough to provide the new standard.


How will the business environment change in 2015, and what impact on the mix services clients will require?

There will be a continued market over the next few years for core compliance, however with increased optimism throughout the economy there will be opportunities for firms like ours to assist our more ambitious clients with their growth and funding ambitions.


What policies should the next government undertake to improve the environment for UK corporates?

I guess in line with most business owners, I firmly believe that our next government must continue to cut taxation, cut regulation, and make the UK an attractive market for both international business and our own start ups.

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