Networked: Douglas Flint

Douglas FlintHSBC group finance director Douglas Flint is set to take up the chairman role at the bank. He will quit his non-executive role at BP, where he currently works alongside…


Dr Byron GroteDr Byron Grote, the oil business’ chief financial officer. Grote, who has served as BP’s FD since 2002, is a Unilever non-executive with…
Paul WalshPaul Walsh. The Diageo chief executive was a finance director at GrandMet in the 1980s. He works alongside…
 Nick RoseNick Rose, Diageo’s CFO. Rose, also formerly in GrandMet’s finance function, is a non-executive at BAE Systems where…
George RoseGeorge Rose is finance director. Rose served as a member of the Financial Reporting Review Panel, where he sat on a panel in 2002 in response to the US corporate failures. He was chosen by…
Bryan NicholsonSir Bryan Nicholson, then chairman of the Financial Reporting Council. Sir Bryan currently serves as president of the National Centre for Young People with Epilepsy.

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