Buzzwords – Attention spam

Your company bosses are probably, and quite rightly, terrified of the amount of time you spend managing your email inbox. What really makes them break out in a cold sweat is the fact that each morning, you’ve got to clear your inbox of spam. No, not the tinned variety, but the dozens of emails that arrive each morning. This sample from my inbox may be familiar: the chance to buy xanax, valium and inkjet cartridges; deposed Nigerian leader Sonny Abacha asking to rest $10m in my account; a couple of young ladies who want me to pay for the privilege of seeing pictures of them committing indescribable acts; and a number of people who believe they can offer impossibly cheap mortgages.

The trick to mowing through this electronic trash quickly and efficiently is reducing your ‘attention spam’. That is, reducing the time it takes to realise you’re reading porn instead of a memo from accounts (different figures entirely).

Fail to read the tag lines properly and you will be there all day deleting invitations to order four kilos of viagra from Wyoming. If ever there was a reason to hurl your computer through the window, this is it. But instead of sales negotiating techniques, your bosses will soon be sending you on attention spam reduction courses. When it happens, remember you read about here it first.

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