Andersen reaches for stars in TV ad

Andersen Consulting is launching a #27.5m global advertising campaign to further strengthen its corporate identity, in the wake of the break up from Arthur Andersen. At its centre will be a 30-second television commercial to be shown across the UK. The live action and computer-animated ad entitled “constellations” will also be seen in 30 countries across North America, Europe, Latin America and Japan.

Commenting on the campaign, James Murphy, global managing director of marketing and communications at Andersen said: ” As the management consultancy category continues its rapid expansion, the value of strong brand names in our marketplace will continue to increase. Today, it is not enough to be simply known, you need to be clearly understood. Our brand marketing efforts are aimed at truly distinguishing Andersen Consulting in the market and this campaign underpins that effort.”

Partly shot in the mountains of Norway, the ad combines computer imagery of clouds, explosions and gas alongside the recently introduced branded signature tune. The constellations of Sagittarius, Hercules and Taurus are brought to life in the commercial, providing a hook for the voiceover: “Every organisation has many stars. But Andersen Consulting can help you integrate all your diverse talents. So that when you reach for the moon you might actually get it.”

The Andersen commercial is part of a deluge of advertising planned by the major consultancies: Ernst & Young and KPMG already have campaigns in the pipeline and PwC is likely to follow suit.

Martin Coyle

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