Think of a number…

They can take heart from the world of sprinting, which is proving that man can, indeed, run faster and faster. Recently, American sprinter Tim Montgomery broke the world record for the 100m dash, running it in a time of 9.78 seconds, equating to a top speed of 36.81km/hr.

Whether this is fast enough to escape the clutches of the feds is uncertain, but this is a relatively sound improvement on the 100m record of 106 years ago, when Thomas Burke of the USA ran a time of 12 seconds at the first ever Olympic Games in Athens, coming home at a speed of just 30km/hr, relatively pedestrian by today’s standards.

One wonders what the ultimate top speed will be or when it will be achieved. But it is unlikely to match that of the animal kingdom where a Cheetah can run at a top speed of 103km/hr when hunting down its prey, completing the 100m in about 3 seconds.

Speaking of cheetahs of another kind…On your marks, get set…go!

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