Softworld for the Supply Chain – Seminars for solutions

To reflect the huge growth in Enterprise Resource Planning, Softworld for the Supply Chain has designed an educational programme specifically for manufacturing companies looking for IT solutions. A series of free briefings will address the business issues involved in purchasing and implementing ERP, plus end-user case studies from manufacturing companies which already have similar solutions in place.

The seminars demonstrate how specific objectives have been achieved and how to avoid potential pitfalls. The focus will be on re-engineering the manufacturing business to increase efficiency within the supply chain.

Looking both at specific areas of concern such as reducing inventory, controlling work in process and improving stock turns as well as the broader business issues: supplier partnerships, electronic commerce and integration.

The daily programme will begin with a two-hour keynote lecture each morning from Chris Turner, director of Oliver Wight, Europe, Africa & Middle East, who will describe how leading edge companies in many different industries are using Sales & Operations Planning as the top management “handle” on the supply chain.

Nigel Griffiths, commercial manager at BBC Resources in Wales will talk about what ERP did for the BBC. And Chris Price, a partner at Ernst & Young, will investigate the internal political difficulties which Fortune 500 firms have to face in the selection and implemention of shared services.

Independent consultant Dennis Keeling will examine the implications of EMU and Year 2000 for firms’ current in-house developed and packaged software.

He will give practical advice on how firms can improve the flexibility of their systems and survive the changes.

In Simon Pollard’s presentation the focus is on how to effectively innovate to combat the rigidity and constraints that characterise many of today’s supply chain management systems. He examines the characteristics which differentiate one supply chain from another and how these can be implemented against an increasingly volatile background of rapid change in processes, customers and suppliers across all markets.

David Farquhar will look at how Esso replaced some of its legacy systems with a single, fully integrated business management solution. He examines the special customs requirement and the problems firms face when running a fully integrated, global cross-boundary supply chain. Hugh Aitken discusses the strategic role of the supply chain in achieving competitive advantage through customer satisfaction, time to market and cost reduction.

Andrew Dewhurst, director of Frontline Consultancy, will look at what happens after you have achieved business excellence through Class A MRP performance – what happens next, what do the latest Synchronised Scheduling tools do, and where do specialist warehouse management systems succeed?

And Vanessa de Vere will talk in depth about the Euro and how it will affect you, identifying key business issues, and how IT will aid in managing these changes and meet legislative requirements.

Dr Chris Holland from the Manchester Business School will analyse three international case studies: looking at how change and instability in the business environment is being tackled in the real world, how firms need to rethink their business models and implement novel business strategies, and integrate information technology thinking with their business concepts.

Seminar stream A1

Speaker: Dr Chris Holland, Manchester Business School

Sponsor: Intentia

Title: Global integration and Enterprise Resource Planning systems: theory and case evidence

Time: 11am

Speaker: Vanessa de Vere, director of European Product Solutions at SSA

Sponsor: SSA

Title: Taming the Big Bird

Time: 12pm

Speaker: Andrew Dewhurst, director of Frontline Consultancy

Sponsor: Acacia Technologies

Title: Beyond ERP

Time: 1pm

Speaker: Chris Price, partner at Ernst & Young

Sponsor: JD Edwards

Title: Shared services

Time: 2pm

Speaker: Hugh Aitken, md of European operations at Sun Microsystems

Sponsor: Oracle Corporation

Title: A customer driven supply chain in action

Time: 3pm

Seminar stream A2

Keynote speaker: Chris Turner, director of Oliver Wight, Europe, Africa & Middle East

Title: Managing the supply chain – it’s not a logistics or IT issue!

Time: 9.30 am

Speaker: David Farquhar, md of Hugar Sponsor: IBM UK

Title: The role of IT in managing the supply chain Time: 12pm

Speaker: Nigel Griffiths, commercial manager of BBC Resources in Wales

Sponsor: Tetra

Title: When was the last time the news wasn’t on at the BBC?

Time: 1pm

Speaker: Simon Pollard, Baan UK’s director of business development, corporate product and industry marketing

Sponsor: Baan UK

Title: Positioning for on-going change

Time: 2pm

Speaker: Dennis Keeling, independent consultant

Sponsor: SAP

Title: EMU & Year 2000

Time: 3pm

The seminar streams will be running side by side on both days of the show.

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