Think of a number…

Well-run and, it would appear, on a sound financial footing, it seems the organisational skills of Manchester’s beer-makers are somewhat better than their southern colleagues. Organisation of the games has been no picnic, as games FD David Leather explained to Accountancy Age last week. But he only painted half the picture.

Take keys. Guess, for instance, how many are needed by the 4,820 athletes and team officials living in the Commonwealth Games Village. Some 11,000. That allows every one of them to lose one and still have a spare.

Or how about toilet paper? If rolled out, all the paper to be used in the Village during the Games will cover 331 miles. The organisers helpfully point out that is equal to the distance from Manchester to Fort William in the north of Scotland. Then there are condoms. Some 150,000 will be available to village residents. We shall offer no benchmark for that particular statistic.

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