Think of a number…

While questions continue to be asked about this lack of parity, a new survey published in the British Medical Journal makes one seriously wonder which sex would make the better corporate executive in the next business generation, if the formative years are anything to go.

The investigation involved 1,516 teenagers aged between 14 and 16 and found that while teenage girls were more concerned about depression, stress and their body shape, teenage boys preferred to worry about acne, smoking and alcohol intake.

Casting ones gaze 30 years down the line, female board members might be found hiding under their desk, depressed and anxious, continually worrying about how they look in their neat business suits, while they nervously push the caviar and foie gras around their plates, silently counting calories.

Male executives may hardly be any better, constantly nipping out of the office to chain smoke, while nervously squeezing a new pimple on their forehead as they tuck into some whiskey from a well-concealed hip flask.

Makes you shudder, doesn’t it?

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