Employer of the year: Deloitte

In practices across the UK, everyone from senior partner to Mrs Mop has one
thing in common: the environment in which they work.

Seven-figure salaries aside, everyone has to step over the same threshold

before clocking in, and the working atmosphere is key.

After the turmoil of the past year, winning the 2009 Employer of the Year
gong may have never been so important ­ and Deloitte has picked up the prize.

No firm has been immune from the financial epidemic that laid waste to UK

Four-day weeks, sabbaticals and early retirements were rolled out, while mass
redundancies were enforced at some of even the biggest firms.

Deloitte saw profits fall but still managed to look after its staff. It has a
reputation for being one of the best payers in the Big Four ­ if not the best ­
giving great benefits to its people in return for the long hours being put in.

In terms of continuing personal development, the firm is said to be heavily
in favour of empowering people and giving them every opportunity to advance by
encouraging staff to and develop ideas and initiatives.

The firm says about itself: “At Deloitte we foster a collaborative culture
where talented individuals can produce their best work. We value innovative
thinking, diverse insights and we strive to offer an exceptional level of
customer service through our expertise and professionalism.

“The relentless pursuit of the highest quality in our professional work
remains one of the cornerstones in our firm’s continuing success. Our focus on
quality in everything we do encompasses the values of our people.”


Deloitte’s pedigree as an employer has also been noticed by others. The
firm has been ranked as the second most sought-after graduate employer in the UK
for the fourth consecutive year in The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers index
published recently. It also won a berth in the publication’s “Where Women Want
to Workin the 2009” Times Top 50 survey.

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