Think of a number …

And there is one rather large group of employees who could feel justified in heading for the picket lines this winter … and that’s members of the fairer sex.

Latest figures from the Chartered Institute of Management show women are still undervalued in the workforce, earning as much as 30% less than male counterparts – on average, men across the UK command a salary of £26,000, while women only take home a comparatively paltry £19,990.

Equally aggrieved, although not exactly starving, are women executives.

They can expect salaries of around £95,000, while men swagger home with almost £120,000 for doing an equivalent job!

Putting this into perspective is another scary set of numbers: on average, an FD working for a FTSE-100 company can expect to take home more than £600,000, still some way off the £1.5m earned by chief executives. Just one woman qualifies for this windfall – Marjorie Scardino, Pearson media group CE, the only woman to head a FTSE-100 company.

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