Buzzwords – Stepford workers

Movie buffs will no doubt have encountered the 1975 sci-fi classic Stepford Wives. A remake starring Nicole Kidman in the lead role is currently doing the rounds. The story goes, and I’m sorry if I’m spoiling the plot, that husbands in a suburban town are replacing their spouses with robots who act as the perfect wives. Well at least what men considered the perfect wife back in the seventies.

But the conspiracy theorists among you may have noticed something similar happening in the workplace of late. We have all seen them. Colleagues who seem to live and breathe the company, work long hours without complaint and have no trouble using words like downsizing and paradigm shift. All in all, the perfect employee who you know will go far. Worst of all, you were there when they joined and they didn’t seem to care. They were more interested in chatting up the secretary or a liquid lunch than strategy meetings. You don’t know when or how it happened, but they’ve changed. Perhaps reality does imitate fiction after all and maybe, just maybe, you should think about looking for a new role away from Robotic Replacements Inc in the near future. Baffled by business buzzwords? Send them to and we’ll attempt to deconstruct them.

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