Leader – Isn’t it time for some e-maturity?

When most people talk about e-commerce or e-business, they think of pioneering websites that offer the browser an unbeatable bargain.

The buccaneering companies that have initiated such services are riding high on the stock market and the good times continue to roll. However, as you might expect with an industry that evolves on a daily basis, times are a-changing.

At its recent media and analysts conference in New York, Andersen CEO George Shaheen mapped out the real issues that should be concerning consultants and clients in the e-business field. “It’s not about getting a website up. It’s not about getting the website to work. It’s not about the slickest design. It’s how you run your company differently, how you relate to your employees differently, how you relate to every stakeholder you have differently through that e-capability.” Web consultancy has for some time been based around the look-and-feel of sites, as well as the fulfilment of orders. Shaheen charts a compelling new course for consultants looking to work in this area. He would be the first to admit that Andersen’s strengths do not lie in the technical minutiae of website creation, but in its ability to transform and change the way in which businesses work.

Herein lies what we believe to be the real future of e-commerce/e-business.

Stop thinking about the web as a separate entity to the way in which the business operates. Traffic on the Internet doubles every 100 days.

It cannot be ignored. It will affect employees, employers and customers alike. It is an object of dramatic change. It is beginning to pervade every business function and operation. Consultants should be at the forefront of those who not only grasp the implications, but are able to manage seamless integration.

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