Build your forecasting models online

Cashflow Wizard have just released a fantastic new version of their product which is available for FREE evaluation on their website

Cashflow Wizard allows you to:

  • Build accurate plans and forecasts in a fraction of the time required for manual equivalents.
  • Generate additional fee income by providing this service to your clients.
  • Produce professional charts and reports ready to print for your board, bank or investors, in minutes.

Using Cashflow Wizard:

It is a revolutionary tool that saves a considerable amount of time, by producing customised Excel models (inc. Profit & Loss, Balance sheet, Cashflow forecast) in a matter of minutes. The model can then be adapted easily by the accountant to fit in with any specific further requirements, using existing Excel skills.

Click here to download a FREE Off-the-shelf model or build on-line your own TailorMade spreadsheet.

After a free 24hour evaluation period you can buy a Release Code to unlock your model, which will be yours to amend and keep forever. The model’s start-date can be rolled forward so that you can update your forecasts as often as you wish.

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To learn more about the product and future developments, or to buy a licence to use it, go to the Cashflow Wizard homepage.


You can build a full business plan with P&L, balance sheet, detailed Cashflow forecasts, charts and ratios for just £49, complete with the security of the accreditation by the Institute of Chartered Accountants (England & Wales).

Or, for the business modelling professional, it is possible to design online a detailed custom model for only £250. Your ‘TailorMade’ spreadsheet will be built automatically to your specification by the Cashflow Wizard server and will be available for you to download by the start of the next business day at the latest.

All Cashflow Wizard models, including your own Tailor-Made designs, are entirely free to evaluate.


For more information on the company, click here.

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