What is the Leading Strategy & Change course like?

I am responsible for underwriting, pricing and reserving of personal lines
products, whether they are distributed through our banks, our direct channels or
through our affinity partners, so formulating strategy and considering how it
can be implemented is a big part of my role.

Leading Strategy & Change seemed like an obvious programme for me to
develop my thinking in this area. A major attraction of the programme was the
stimulation of meeting people from other sectors and being able to compare our
different experiences and share varied expertise.

The programme goes into the theories underpinning strategy, but is primarily
concerned with providing you with the tools and practical solutions to apply

The highlight for me was the live case study as it brought together
everything we had learnt and worked on as a group and provided a tangible
example of how change could be brought about within an organisation.

In addition, the teaching, food and environment at Ashridge are all
excellent. Leading Strategy & Change is a challenging programme and it has
certainly given me much more confidence about formulating and acting on

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