EC may spark trade war, says MCA

Management consultancy firms based in Europe could lose the right to send electronic mail to their branches in the US because of a European Commission data-protection Directive due out in October this year, according to the Management Consultancies Association (MCA).

“We are seeking urgent clarification from the UK Government on the EC Directive because this could initiate a trade war,” said Bruce Petter (left), the MCA’s executive director.

The Association will be discussing e-mail issues with the Government Competitiveness Unit as part of its new Think Tank venture, “UK plc on the world stage in the Year 2010”. The aim of the MCA Think Tank is to help the Government address areas of business and public interest issues where consultants can make a difference.

“We aim to be more outward looking. We want to raise the image of management consultancy and the MCA in the eyes of chief executive officers, industry, academia, the media and the general public,” said Petter. “The Think Tank has been designed to show that management consultants can act in the public interest; advise on Internet issues; and can comment on Government policy.”

The Think Tank will tackle electronic commerce and the Internet; business and society; politics, the economy and the environment.

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