Should the institutes merge? – Your views

Your views:

I think this is a wonderful opportunity for public and private sector institutes to have a merger of minds. There has been a narrowing of the different accounting methodologies employed in each area and there will be significant benefits to the members and the accountancy world by having a larger cohesive institute.
Peter Brown, CPFA

I’m a Fellow of the ICAEW and I think that the proposed merger is a good idea as long as it is done carefully with the members’ interests as the number one priority. Thought should also be given to how this proposed merger would pave the way for an ultimate possible merger with the Scottish Institute and the ACCA since the number of different Institutes does add to the confusion for the public at large.
Justin van Wijngaarden, FCA

What a complete waste of time and resources. This will be at least the fourth time in my working lifetime and it doesn’t matter how good the case is in theory or logic or anything else: it will always be voted out by the backwoods ‘sweetshop’ accountants!
Mike Keene, CPFA

It’s about time, we speak with one voice. The merger, preferably including certified and Scottish, would benefit all the accountancy bodies.
C. Thakrar, B.Com FCMA

I think the merger would be a very bad idea. The fact is that CIMA and CIPFA represent very specific areas of accountancy expertise which I think would be lost if they were subsumed into ICAEW. Also as a member of ACCA I am deeply concerned that this enormous accounting body would go on to dominate the field. I think there is room for diversity and a little bit of competition.
Janet Davies, Finance Manager, ACCA member
WEETU (Women’s Employment, Enterprise & Training Unit)

If we want a bigger membership perhaps we should spend the funds earmarked for merger discussions on training, and instead of looking for a quick short term answer, invest in a more stable future.
Tony Metcalf FCA CTA
Anthony Russel Limited

There should be one accountancy body in the UK, All CCAB bodies should merge. Works for the Law Society!
Paul Pritchard ACCA

I think merging would remove some of the confusion for people going into accountancy that are choosing which qualification to study for. Also it would prevent confusion by employers – when going for jobs with smaller companys where you maybe interviewed by an MD who has no idea about the different accounting bodies and just wants a qualified accountant.
Rachel McMillan, finance manager, CIMA

I am a member of ICAS, and to merge CIMA with any of the other great institutes would be demeaning what it is to be an accountant.
Elaine Lay

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