Leader: Operation overload

If we are to believe Reuters, managers are besieged with a flood of information. Newsbites, reports and research are being propelled at them from all directions. On a daily basis, they are faced with the challenge of having to plough through such a mass in the vague hope of coming across something of real value. Last month, Charles Oppenheim, professor of information science at Loughborough University told us, “information management has now become an issue of international, macro-economic importance”.

If businessfolk have to wade through such a morass of information – it is nothing when compared to the sheer scale experienced by management consultants. Management Consultancy has acknowledged that this is becoming a real problem and is going some way to solve it.

Information Update is one of a number of new sections: it is designed to give you a precis of the most authoritative, informative and valuable articles produced in the last month by august sources such as The Harvard Business Review, The Sloan Management Review, Newsweek, Business Week, and the Academy of Management at Pace University. We also feature the website of the month: one that is essential to each consultant’s bookmark selection.

Due to reader demand our self-contained IT section begins this month.

Within this we provide you with the latest IT news and contracts, a centrepiece feature looking at the burning topics that face every IT consultant, and a mini-version of Information Update. As these new sections grow, management consultants will be able to rely on this title to provide them with the really essential information they need in order to get their jobs done. Your feedback to the new sections is vital and we look forward to hearing from you.

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