Background on the Leading Strategy & Change Programme

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The Leading Strategy & Change Programme, run by Ashridge Business School,
provides participants with the most up-to-date strategic thinking and gives
insights into the leadership behaviours required to develop and implement

The programme is aimed at senior managers who have direct accountability for
the delivery of strategy for a business unit or function. The programme is
particularly relevant for senior finance professionals and the issues they are
concerned with.

Within a financial role you are faced with some difficult challenges. How do
you turn the big objectives into systems that drive day-to-day performance? How
do you balance short-term operational accountability against holding a much
longer term perspective that will shape long-term competitive and organisational
positioning? In what ways can you make better choices about strategic direction,
acquisitions and partnerships?

The programme, which is structured in one group of four days and three groups
of three days, is very practical in nature and examines the links between
organisational culture, structure, strategy and change. A range of tools,
frameworks and approaches are used to help participants formulate strategy, to
innovate and create value.

A key aspect of the programme is the ‘Live Case’ module, where the learning
is put into practice. Participants are asked to address a real strategic issue
within an organisation, spending three days taking part in activities such as
interviewing customers or analysing competitors, before recommendations are then
presented to the client. Past client organisations have included Dixons, Rambert
Dance Company, Uniq plc, Flexjet Europe and Coral Eurobet.

Throughout the programme, participants have access to individual coaching.
Once the programme is over, tutors are also available for on-line and telephone
support, to help ensure the learning continues, once participants are back in
the workplace.

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