Buzzwords – Deceptionist

Here’s a word of warning. If you want a successful business, one that actually makes money, forget about budgets and cashflows. Get someone on the front desk who understands that their job is receptionist, not deceptionist.

Beware – even good receptionists can deteriorate into deceptionist mode.

Driven by the need to make their job more interesting than it could ever possibly be, deceptionists invent ruses to keep the eager visitor guessing.

Examples include mind-meltingly complex directions to sales on the fourth floor; a refusal to break off the conversation with the security man and refusing to believe that anyone called Philip Johnson works for the company, even though he’s the chief executive. As a sideline, they treat you with such an air of arrogance that they might be a serious runner for the vacant post of chairman.

Don’t be shocked if your receptionist turns into a deceptionist. They are a victim of what is one of the hardest jobs in the corporate world. Keeping your sanity intact, despite the crushing boredom of answering the phone and smiling inanely for days at a time, takes the single-minded strength of will possessed only by Olympic weightlifters and grand-master chess players. Respect.

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