Build you forecasting models online

Cashflow Wizard allows you to:

  • Build accurate plans and forecasts in a fraction of the time required for manual equivalents.
  • Generate additional fee income by providing this service to your clients.
  • Create multiple versions of the same spreadsheet for different client or business situations.

Using Cashflow Wizard:

Download a FREE prebuilt model or build your own custom spreadsheet. It will be complete and you can enter data but it is a restricted version.

Click here to go to the Evaluation Models.

You can then buy a Release Code to unlock your model or build an entirely new fully functioning spreadsheet. Once you have bought the Model it is yours to amend and keep forever. The models start-date can be rolled forward so that you can update your forecasts as often as you wish.

It is straightforward to use and saves a considerable amount of time, by producing full financial Excel models (Profit & Loss, Balance sheet, cashflow and NPV calculations) in a matter of minutes. The model can then be adapted easily by the accountant to fit in with any specific further requirements.

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To learn more about the product and future developments, or to buy a licence to use it, go to the Cashflow Wizard homepage.


Buy a fully functioning version – unrestricted – of any evaluation spreadsheet that you build using the Cashflow Wizard service from only £49.00 plus VAT.


For more information on the company, click here.

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