Think of a number…

According to MORI, if you sat in a pub with ten of your mates, four of them would be going on about a potential war with Iraq, while just one of them would be talking about industrial disputes – the rest, one imagines, would be dissecting the footie.

Now, statistics can sometimes be misleading, but if one takes these numbers at face value, it suggests that people are in general more worried about the UK invading a country thousands of miles from their own homes, than they are about a potential fire in their back garden.

It could also imply that the precarious state of world affairs has changed the mental psyche of the nation, and that we are now far more outward-looking than at any time in the past.

However, if this poll had been conducted six months ago at the height of the US accounting scandals, we wonder what percentage of Brits would have been worrying over the state of auditing rather than war.

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