Buzzword – Cyclosis

We have all seen the gloating by sales people who cling unshakeably to the mistaken belief that they – and they alone – are holding the company afloat. ‘I brought in £500,000 in revenues last year,’ they say. ‘Without me we wouldn’t have a business.’

Next time you find yourself trapped in a similar conversation, suggest they swap jobs with you. If you deliver nothing, they really are worth £500,000 to the organisation. If you deliver £450,000, they are worth £50k. If you deliver £600,000 it might be time your once-esteemed colleague bids you goodbye. If that sales person were to take a moment for personal reflection, he or she might feel a tightening in his or her stomach. This is known as cyclosis.

Many CEOs and CFOs are already sufferers. For them it starts with a pang, before leading to intense feelings of bewilderment as they realise they are not making the difference to shareholder value they thought they were.

The highs were the result of a general economic upturn and the lows, well the lows were the result of their failure to anticipate the turning of the curve – and of their failure to deal with it.

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