Think of a number

No, that’s not the number of luxury cars the ex-Take That kid has bought since pulling off his wonder deal or how many millions he’s planning to spend on his next home.

What the Robmeister has done is sell tickets for his UK tours at the astonishing rate of 25 per second.

In just seven hours, an incredible 650,000 tickets were sold to desperate fans for a series of concerts across the UK taking place next summer – enough tickets to fill out Cardiff’s millennium stadium nine times over or around 8,000 double-decker buses packed to bursting capacity.

Selling at £35 a pop, they generated an incredible £22m in revenue, or more than a quarter of the money EMI paid for Robbie’s services in just one frenetic morning.

One can only wonder how many more tickets the wonderkid could sell, if tour organisers just kept on adding dates to meet the demand. One imagines they would probably start running out of venues, before his legions of fans dried up …

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