Move of the month

Claire Ruskin has been elected to the board of directors of Cambridge Consultants, the European innovation and technology centre for consultants Arthur D Little. Ruskin is a chartered engineer and a fellow of the Institute of electrical engineering. She joined Cambridge Consultants through its student recruitment scheme.

What is your biggest fear?

Running out of ideas for things to do next. It hasn’t happened yet but …

Which company do you most admire ?

Hilti AG, the power tool manufacturer – it has an innovative culture, its staff enjoy their work and the founders have grown it to $1bn turnover, keeping a clear mission, quality and focus.

What is your greatest professional achievement?

I have been involved in several multi-million pound development projects and think CCL has achieved better results than our clients would have done without us.

What is your greatest professional regret?

I learn from mistakes rather than regret them for too long.

What is the next “hot issue” in consultancy?

The growth and recreation of motivated workforces despite all the m&as that turn local responsibility into global confusion.

Which organisation would you like to turn around?

I’d like to prevent Siemens from needing to be turned around: it is not yet in great need but the recent reporting of divisional targets indicate some motivation from the top to get all parts working for maximum competitiveness.

In conversation with Martin Coyle.

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