AA Awards: Mamut

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Mamut’s objective is to make the everyday operations of small business simpler and more efficient. Its business strategy focuses on the development of administrative software systems designed for micro and small businesses, delivered at a competitive price.

Founded in 1994, the company is now established as one of Europe’s leading providers of all-inclusive business solutions for small companies. The company expanded into the British markets in 2004, gaining an impressive 500 users in six months.

It is one of the few business software vendors with growing revenue and profit. Support services, technical platform and development procedures are designed to achieve easy day-to-day operation and reliability.

Mamut’s important distinguishing feature being that it is not a collection of applications which integrate with each other, but a single all-inclusive application. The functionality covers areas such as accounting and finance, sales and product management, project management, human resources, CRM and ecommerce.

A factor in the company’s development has been a close collaboration with Microsoft. From the beginning, its product development has been entirely focused on Microsoft 32-bit platform technology. This has enabled the company to develop a reliable, easy-to-use application, closely integrated with Microsoft Office, at a competitive price.

The system utilises Windows interfaces and workflow related navigation. Comprehensive online support is supplied, together with an interactive CD-ROM training guide, and a ready-to-go set of standard set up parameters designed for non-expert micro businesses to get started quickly and effectively.

Mamut Business Software is based on a single common program code which is now adapted to EU standards. Expansion therefore requires minimal development. The current UK launch offer price of £399 is highly competitive, a factor that impressed our judges. Aimed at the small business market, the target group is companies with 1-50 employees and 1-25 simultaneous users. Such organisations frequently neglect business software due to the cost and difficulty of integrating several applications.

Client testimonials featured prominently in the company’s entry, with most citing value for money and customer care. One said: ‘Our investment in Mamut had paid for itself within a week.’

Another said: ‘We’ve found them easy to deal with, friendly and helpful.’ Mamut is committed to remaining at the forefront of technological and business requirements. The company’s broad functionality, low price, ease of use and scalability are significant competitive factors.

Our judges endorsed that view. ‘When I looked at it, it reminded me of how larger packages should be tailored for small businesses,’ one said.

Another appreciated it’s the fact that it was a bit different. ‘It has wider functionality, it’s a total business support package and it’s extremely good value for money,’ he said. ‘It’s refreshing to see an established product coming to the UK to challenge the market leaders.’

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