Taking Stock: ‘Application’ for top HMRC job released

AS THE application for HMRC CEO seems to be hiding from us all (depsite TS’s best efforts to find it), one campaign group has created a very frivolous/serious application to help the government in its search for the taxman’s next leader.

With just two months to go until Lin Homer officially ends her reign as HMRC CEO, the search for her successor is well and truly on.

As it’s a public sector job, you would imagine that the application form would be released to the general public for everyone to see, but at the moment the Cabinet Office is keeping the document under wraps.

Worldwide economic movement SumOfUs has become tired of waiting and has created a spoof job application as it looks to “gatecrash” HMRC’s “cosy recruitment process”.

SumOfUs hopes that enough people will sign the application so the group can flood HMRC’s inbox with applications.

“Filling George’s inbox will thousands of ‘applications’ from thousands of British taxpayers will really drive the message home – we’ve had enough of cosy tax deals for Britain’s biggest corporations,” says the campaign, which is referring to HMRC’s recent £130m tax deal with Google.

The application contains a number of tongue-in-cheek questions which are designed to emphasise the public’s feelings towards HMRC’s stance on multinational corporations and their tax affairs.

One of the questions asks: Do you believe that HMRC should chase after small tax offenders, while letting big corporations off the hook?

Another question asks whether you would like to receive a Knighthood after a few years of work, referencing how Lin Homer received a Damehood days before she announced her retirement.

All of us here at TS Towers eagerly await the actual HMRC job application, but in the meantime you can find us having a bit of fun with the spoof one.

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