Taking Stock: Accountant needed for maritime adventure show

ACCOUNANTS haven’t received the greatest coverage on television recently. BBC Two’s Taking on the Taxman delved into the murky world of offshore tax avoidance and Channel 4 actor Greg Wise exposed several practitioners who offered their services to help people pay zero tax.

However it looks like the tides are turning when it comes to accountants on TV, as one production company is on the lookout for an accountant to take part in a maritime survival series.

Windfall films are on the hunt for a practitioner who wants to explore their sense of adventure, as the company looks to re-enact a famous 18th Century voyage across the Pacific Ocean.

The company is looking for an accountant who will be responsible for the ships finances, otherwise known as a ‘purser’.

If selected, the lucky accountant will set sail in a historically accurate replica boat this summer, but will have to survive on basic rations and endure extremely tough weather.

The accountant will be one of ten members aboard the ship, including one fully qualified yacht master, a doctor and a botanist.

As well as brilliant finance skills, the accountant will need to use their ingenuity and teamwork skills if they are to successfully battle the elements and complete several historical challenges that will be presented to them throughout the voyage.

If the idea of the show floats your boat, you must email an application form to casting@windfallfilms.com by 18 March.

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