Taking Stock: UK accountants suffering from repetitive task injury

SOMETIMES over here at TS Towers it can all get a bit samey. Write un-funny blog that fails to satirise the profession. Repeat until fade. Yes, TS admits to fearing becoming nothing more than an automaton.

And so it seems do accountants. According to automaton (er don’t you mean automation? – Ed) software provider BlackLine, accountants are suffering from repetitive task ouch. Indeed, so grievous is the injury that with worrying numbers leaving profession.

Nearly two-thirds of accountants admitted they often leave jobs because they are not happy with the manual, repetitive workload. TS would less-than-respectfully suggest different career options should have been considered.

TS understands their plight. TS has also suffered a nasty wrist injury due to certain repetitive actions.

All that typing of course!

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