Taking Stock: Affleck looks to UK for The Accountant inspiration

SOME of the world’s greatest performers have gone down the method route and refused to break character over the duration of the filmmaking process.

Daniel Day-Lewis reportedly texted as Abraham Lincoln when portraying the president in Steven Spielberg’s epic, Christian Bale lost 122 pounds for his role as insomniac Trevor Resnick in The Machinist, and Robert De Niro actually got a taxi license and worked across New York for his role in Taxi Driver.

It looks like Ben Affleck has become the latest actor to fully immerse himself in the world of his character, as we can see in the first released image for his highly anticipated film The Accountant.

From what TS can deduce, Affleck, who has made the Accountancy Age financial power list for the second year running, has been spending a bit too much time with Deloitte’s Bill Dodwell and OTS tax director John Whiting.


Clearly Affleck didn’t go to Specsavers and instead borrowed a pair of specs from either of the accountancy specialists. Let’s hope that the plot of The Accountant doesn’t revolve around the merging of income tax and National Insurance.

The Accountant is hitting our screens on October 7, so practitioners everywhere will undoubtedly be heading to their local cinema to follow the adventures of Chris Wollf, a regular accountant by day, but assassin by night.

The thriller is also starring Into the Woods actress Anna Kendrick, so we’re hoping that her and Affleck’s performance in this film is pitch perfect.

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