Taking Stock: Accountants awaken to new Star Wars film

WITH THE RELEASE of the new Star Wars film breaking records and making headlines across the UK, it was almost inevitable for accountancy firms to piggyback on the film’s incredible success.

Not only has the JJ Abrams space opera sunk Titanic to become the second highest grossing film in the US, it is now stealthily closing in on James Bond and Skyfall in becoming the UK’s most popular motion picture, according to box office figures.

Meanwhile, in a tax office far, far away in the Worcester system is Chris Walklett, international tax partner at Bishop Fleming.


Walklett is clearly a Princess Leia fan, harnessing the force (and the power of Photoshop) by mocking himself up as the rebel leader in a poster (above) that TS quite frankly thinks should have been used as the actual promotional material for the film.

Alongside Chris is Bishop Fleming’s tax director Robert Bailey as the lovable rogue Han Solo, with head of tax Andrew Brown playing the role of disillusioned Stormtrooper Finn. The force will need to be strong with Bishop Fleming on the 17 March. No this isn’t the date on which hundreds of staff will be made redundant, but perhaps a scarier event – the Budget.


In The Force Awakens the evil villain is Kylo Ren, a promising young Jedi who was turned to the dark side of the force to wreak havoc upon Solo and friends. But in the world of accountancy training group Mercia, the villain is IFRS, as it looks to “dominate the accounting of every star system” (see above).

TS just hopes that the young standard FRS 102 was the droid that Mercia was looking for.

 Top image copyright: Disney

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