Taking Stock: Tinie ambition

TS HAS ALWAYS felt accountancy has more going for it than most give it credit for, but never in our wildest dreams did we think it had enough to tempt incredibly successful rappers away from their stardom.

And yet, astonishingly, Tinie Tempah – him of Written in the Stars and Pass Out fame – has chosen this week to reveal an aching desire to become a chartered accountant.

“Even my accountant doesn’t want to be an accountant. He wants to be a rapper. But I always wanted to be accountant,” he earnestly told the Telegraph this week.

That’s right. Style icon Tinie Tempah – a man who has more number ones than Queen – has only ever wanted to spend his days working with clients on how best to comply with various regulations.

His extraordinary admission comes as the 27-year-old embarks on a project sponsored by Barclays called LifeSkills, aimed at teaching children some of the basics about getting on the job ladder, such as writing a CV and securing work experience.

So there you have it – it’s less Cristal and fast cars, and more tea, biscuits and Sage for Tinie.

No, we don’t understand it either.

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