Taking Stock: Tax status could cut Power to Swindon Town FC

FOOTBALL has an incredible capacity to find new and exciting ways of being ridiculous, and for that, TS will always love the beautiful game.

Indeed, the news that Swindon Town FC has sacked manager Mark Cooper did not immediately strike TS as potential gold and, in fact seemed drearily predictable given their lowly position in League One having threatened last year to achieve promotion.

But in its immense capacity for the absurd, this is not simply the story of another football manager being sacked. Oh no.

In this case, not only has Swindon’s chairman and former player Lee Power put his money where his mouth is and appointed himself the manager in what must surely go down as an astonishing display of hubris, but it has since emerged Power is, in fact, a non-dom limited to 93 days in the UK per year.

Taking training and taking to the dugout every Tuesday and Saturday is surely going to prove rather difficult, then.

To his credit, Power has acknowledged the situation isn’t sustainable, telling supporters’ website The Washbag he will return to the boardroom “as soon as the right person comes along and I would like to think that would be in the next two-three games, max”.

Image: Jack Tanner via Flickr

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